[CentOS-docs] ??: Anaconda Slides Translations

Thu Jan 8 01:03:36 UTC 2009
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 01/07/2009 10:11 PM, Alain Reguera Delgado wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Manuel Wolfshant wrote:
>> On 01/07/2009 05:00 PM, Alain Reguera Delgado wrote:
>>> 3. svn update
>>> 4. svn commit -m 'Update Korean Translation'
>>> If you find any problem in the process, tell me please.
>> What's the procedure to get an account ?I would like to update the 
>> Romanian translation (and the typos I find in en..)
> Register an account on https://projects.centos.org/trac/artwork/ then
> let it know to Karan. He is the artwork svn repo admin :D.
> Best Regards,
Well I do have an account, I was mistaken when I thought that I do not. 
Only that there is a problem related to access rights:

    [wolfy at wolfy anaconda-slides]$ svn commit ro -m "first attempt for
    full translation"
    Authentication realm: <https://projects.centos.org:443>
    Authorization Realm
    Password for 'wolfy':
    Sending        ro/anaconda-04-repos.sed
    svn: Commit failed (details follow):
    svn: CHECKOUT of
    403 Forbidden (https://projects.centos.org)

I also want to update the English text, I have found a couple of typos. 
Alain, can you help, please?