[CentOS-docs] Merging Documentation and Help pages

Thu Jan 8 02:51:50 UTC 2009
Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>

On Wed, 7 Jan 2009, Dag Wieers wrote:

> On Wed, 7 Jan 2009, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> [1] I wonder if its possible to get rid of all those extra Moin pages
>> that seem to come up with every search :/
> Doing the same, I think we should remove all the MoinMoin specific pages.
> Someone searching the CentOS wiki should not find MoinMoin related pages.

I tried to remove the MoinMoin installation instructions and bumped into 

 	You are not allowed to do DeletePage on this page.

Can someone give me these rights so I can slaughter some of the MoinMoin 
stuff that is irrelevant to wiki contributors and users ?

Thanks for your patience with me :)
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