[CentOS-docs] adding stuff to wiki

Wed Jan 14 19:36:32 UTC 2009
R P Herrold <herrold at centos.org>

On Wed, 14 Jan 2009, pjwelsh wrote:

> On 01/13/2009 03:48 PM, R P Herrold wrote:
>>  	1. Don't
>>  	2. Package it

> Option 3: *HOPE/PRAY* epel, rpmforge, DAG or rpmfusion has it (or a src.rpm)
> I dread, almost more than anything, trying to figure out how to get some
> perl modules packaged!

tee hee -- it is easy; here is a cheat sheet.

Generally speaking, perl packaging, manually, is essentially 
the following process:
 	1. get the upstream CPAN tarball locally; set up a
 		README file [panel 3] to hold md5sums
 		encountered and expected
 	2. cp CPAN-tarball.tgz ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
 		-- is the md5sum trusted?

 	3. cp perl-template.spec \
 	4. in panel 1, edit: perl-Whatever-Form.spec to taste
 	5. in panel 2, run:
 	 	perl-rpmbuild.sh -ba perl-Whatever-Form.spec
 	   and watch for missing BR warnings, etc
 	6. update a README in panel 3 as needed

 	7. when hit, see if the missing BR is packaged by a
 		reliable upstream
 	7a.  [ -e reliable ] use it
 	7b.  [ ! -e reliable ] note the need in README notes [panel 3],
 		push working on perl-Whatever-Form.spec, and
 		recurse call to 1. for the new missing BR
 		-- use the README cursor as a stack pointer,
 		and roadmap to the solution order;
 		drill in BR in panel 1 as found

 	8.  at some point, we will be happy with the '-ba'
 		build; cross check by a cp of the SRPM to CWD
 		in panel 2, and
 	9.  perl-rpmbuild.sh --rebuild SRPM   in panel 2
 	10.  if happy, note in README, and adjust cursor to
 		next target

 	11.  if happy, install binary product, and look for
 		missing runtine Req's
 	12.  follow a plan similar to 7, infra to solve;
 		drill in Req's in panel 1 as found

 	13. 	at some point, all will be happy, README will 
be comprehensive and informative, and no CPAN was needed 
except to supply tarballs

 	14.  panel 4 contains the local 'srcfind ' Oracle 
query tool, which I mention in #centos, to query reliable SRPM 

I should write this up someday ;)  Note: the purpose of a 
WindowManager is to get enough xterms in a songle panel that 
keyboard shortcuts work well, and I don't need to touch a 

ftp://ftp.owlriver.com/pub/mirror/ORC/bugzilla/  was 
essentially done this way

became: perl-rpmbuild.sh  so that I could:
 	 rpmbuild, and
 	(uparrow) ^a perl- CR
in panel two, after the first time

I stack the four panels of course so I can kdb nav between 
them;  it becomes essential mechanical to grind out a 

-- Russ herrold