[CentOS-docs] adding stuff to wiki

Thu Jan 15 16:38:35 UTC 2009
John <jses27 at gmail.com>

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> Marcus Moeller wrote:
> > Good Evening Jeff.
> > 
> >> Please consider being less discouraging to people who want to help.
> > I think it's not about discouraging someone. Just post a snipset of
> > what you want to contribute to the wiki, so we can discuss it here.
> I can actually sympathize with the original poster here. I had to 
> "prove" myself by continuing to come back to the CentOS wiki posting 
> material, before I was trusted enough to be allowed to post things. I 
> usually still always post a note asking for permission before 
> I post a 
> document I wrote, which sometimes gives me mixed emotions.
> I too sometimes feel discouraged when asking to post to the 
> wiki. Part 
> of that is, I think, how e-mail is very bland to read. You 
> can't always 
> assume the intent of the e-mail, versus in person. I generally think 
> that everyone is here to help, but I sometimes feel 
> discouraged easily 
> by this list and the wiki. Perhaps that's just me not reading people 
> correctly, but I feel if a document has good content, and is 
> related to 
> CentOS, then it can be helpful to others using CentOS. 
> Depending on the 
> content, and the topic though, some feel it might not be 
> suitable on the 
> wiki.
> While I understand the need to control the wiki against abuse of 
> posting, I think that sometimes it's controlled a little too tightly, 
> and things can be nit-picked at by others easily to the point 
> where it 
> makes the contributor feel discouraged very easily.
> The problem with this is that if it happens enough, then 
> people aren't 
> going to want to contribute, and will keep their documentation to 
> themselves, or on their own websites.
> Opening the wiki up will help out in this aspect. Again, this 
> is all my 
> opinion, and perhaps it's just me not reading people well, but I do 
> think that it's a real problem sometimes. I'm sure there are a ton of 
> great writers that use CentOS, but don't want to post things 
> here. But I 
> also do understand the need to protect the pages.
> To the original poster, Jeff, just remember that if you post a few 
> things and continue to do so, the hassle of things goes away pretty 
> quickly. As a whole, a little bit of hassle at first will help other 
> users in the long-run, but I do understand your position as well.
> Regards,
> Max

I to concur with Max on many levels.