[CentOS-docs] Anaconda Slides Translations

Thu Jan 22 01:03:11 UTC 2009
bulmoji-centos at yahoo.com <bulmoji-centos at yahoo.com>


I've got also same problem like Akemi while rendering Korean.

1. wallpaer link problem

In my case, I downloaded that missing images to my local folder and made some changes(wallpaper location) to local copies of svg file.
Then that missing wallpaper error was gone.

2. rendering time hanging

The rendering was hung by one of sed file(08.sed).
I've just added one space char to the end of the title in that file after long trial.
It solved this problem but I don't know why.

I also up for that others opinion here, To avoid Trial and error method, we need some guide documents that easy find on the wiki.


YoungHoon Park

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> 제목: Re: [CentOS-docs] Anaconda Slides Translations
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> On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 9:23 AM, Akemi Yagi
> <amyagi at gmail.com> wrote:
> > There is some problem with slide 06, but otherwise
> everything else
> > looks perfect.  I will get back to the troubled slide
> later.
> I attempted to render slide 06 but no success.  Something
> is causing
> incorrect interpretation of letters.  If I remove certain
> letters, it
> goes through.  I'd have to come up with a modification
> of the original
> sentence that allows successful rendering while preserving
> the
> intended contents.  This is going to be a bit challenging. 
> Just... to
> what extent may I alter the original words?
> Akemi
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