[CentOS-docs] Introduction to be able to contribute to the wiki

Wed Jul 8 14:49:45 UTC 2009
Phil Schaffner <Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov>

Eric Schewe wrote:
> Thanks! I believe I've completed my page. Feel free to let me know
> what I've done wrong :)

On the repo config - I'd suggest creating a separate CentOS-Testing.repo 
rather than adding to the existing CentOS-Base.repo, and no need to 
specify the editor (vim) and risk getting into religious arguments. :-)

Use of the yum-priorities plugin and the implications of using 
"includepkgs=php*" in the repo config should be addressed.

The php-mcrypt stuff is pretty ugly with the non-yum installation via 
wget and using rpm with --nodeps.  Sorry that I don't have a cleaner 
solution to propose, but perhaps someone else may.

> By 'Nut' I did mean the UPS software and for TFTP a basic how to
> install and configure it. I didn't see an article for it on the Wiki.

There have been a lot of questions lately on TFTP on the forum.  Having 
a Wiki article to point to would be good.

As far as nut - are you going to address the EPEL packages, or those 
from some other source?