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Wed Jul 8 15:31:10 UTC 2009
Eric Schewe <eric at fizi.ca>

Thanks for the feedback! I'll update the article in the next few days with your suggestions.

I agree the php-mcrypt part of the article isn't very nice but it is an extra and there are a few forum posts asking how to add it. phpMyAdmin throws up an error on its login page if you don't have it installed. phpMyadmin still works without mcrypt installed but who likes seeing errors?

For Nut I am talking about 'nut-2.2.0-6.el5' and 'nut-client-2.2.0-6.el5' which do reside on the EPEL repository.

I'd be more then happy to create a TFTP article. I've got documentation already written from one of my clients where I set it up for them.


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Eric Schewe wrote:
> Thanks! I believe I've completed my page. Feel free to let me know
> what I've done wrong :)

On the repo config - I'd suggest creating a separate CentOS-Testing.repo 
rather than adding to the existing CentOS-Base.repo, and no need to 
specify the editor (vim) and risk getting into religious arguments. :-)

Use of the yum-priorities plugin and the implications of using 
"includepkgs=php*" in the repo config should be addressed.

The php-mcrypt stuff is pretty ugly with the non-yum installation via 
wget and using rpm with --nodeps.  Sorry that I don't have a cleaner 
solution to propose, but perhaps someone else may.

> By 'Nut' I did mean the UPS software and for TFTP a basic how to
> install and configure it. I didn't see an article for it on the Wiki.

There have been a lot of questions lately on TFTP on the forum.  Having 
a Wiki article to point to would be good.

As far as nut - are you going to address the EPEL packages, or those 
from some other source?


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