[CentOS-docs] Proposal for standardized mugshots

Mon Jun 1 11:34:08 UTC 2009
Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de>

Dear Dag,

> At the moment I am doing this job for the first issues, once we have set
> the course and we have a good team we can reorganize as we like. I plan to
> do a weekly meeting (shouldn't be that long, just a brainstorm session)
> with interested parties after each issues has been published, so we can
> discuss future ideas and hand out work.

Will the newsletter be published via email subscibtion or only on the wiki?

> I gave you access to the Newsletter #0901 so you can take a peek, it is
> almost finished. Normally we would ask from all contributors to finish up
> on Sunday evening, but since it's a holiday here I gave myself some extra
> freedom :-D (the first issue is definitely the hardest)

Is there some room left for a 'In the press' section?

Please also announce the meeting hour for the next newsletter.

Best Regards