[CentOS-docs] Automated RPMForge Repository Installation Script for Tips & Tricks section

Fri Jun 12 18:33:57 UTC 2009
Vladislav Rastrusny <FractalizeR at yandex.ru>

Why should I use rpm if I have yum? :) It is easier and much more
convinient to use. Also if the package is signed, why not to verify
it's signature first before installation? That's the purpose of the
signature to be verified ;) If you always skip signature verification,
why to sign package at all?

Anyway, I don't see any object to argue about. I just wrote a script,
that automates the method described in a wiki. Nothing more. I do not
force anyone to use it. If that wiki article has a right to exist, so
does the script. If you think that wiki article describes a bad way to
follow, let's remove both the wiki and the script. If one thinks, the
script points a bad way to move, so does that wiki article I suppose.

If you ask me, I would include RPMForge repo rpm to some official
CentOS repo. So that I would be able to install RPMForge via single
"yum install rpmforge" command that will do everything for me
including priorities managing.

RPMForge is the most widely used RPMForge repository. And it is a pity
we cannot add it to yum repository list in a really convinient way.
Manually editing files to setup this repo cannot be considered
convinient in my point of view. That's why I wanted some automation.
Time to time I need to setup servers with CentOS. And I am tired of
manually installing RPMForge repository into system. "Priorities"
setup is important for people, that want really stable system. You can
skip them, but I personally will never do that and don't recommend
doing that to someone else. Even if someone here in this thread said,
that their use is completely optional...

Best regards,

2009/6/12 Dag Wieers <dag at centos.org>:
> On Thu, 11 Jun 2009, Vladislav Rastrusny wrote:
>> Can you install rpmforge-release without using --disable-gpg-check yum
>> option? rpmforge-release package is also signed using Dag's key, isn't
>> it? To verify rpmforge-release you need to import Dag's key first. Am
>> I right?
> Why would you use yum to install the package if you can do it with a
> single rpm command ?
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