[CentOS-docs] wiki contribs

Tue Jun 23 06:09:24 UTC 2009
Del <del at babel.com.au>


I have just created a wiki login:  DelElson

... in addition, I would like to add pages for the following (guidance 
accepted as to where):

Seamonkey on CentOS 5 (it's present on CentOS 4 but missing on CentOS 5, 
it's possible to post-install it).

Upgrading PHP on CentOS 5 to PHP version 5.2.  CentOS 5 provides PHP 
5.1.6 but PHP 5.2 is required for certain applications, including 
anything using Zend Framework.  It is possible to perform the upgrade 
using external repositories.

Upgrading PostgreSQL on CentOS 5 to version 8.2.x or 8.3.x.  CentOS 5 
provides PostgreSQL version 8.1 but versions 8.2 or 8.3 are required for 
certain applications.

Installing multimedia packages for CentOS 5 including mplayer, transcode 
and dvdrip.

Installing ICA (Citrix) client for CentOS 5.

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