[CentOS-docs] wiki contribs

Tue Jun 23 09:01:46 UTC 2009
Del <del at babel.com.au>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Hi Del,
> On 06/23/2009 07:09 AM, Del wrote:
>> Upgrading PHP on CentOS 5 to PHP version 5.2.  CentOS 5 provides PHP
>> 5.1.6 but PHP 5.2 is required for certain applications, including
>> anything using Zend Framework.  It is possible to perform the upgrade
>> using external repositories.
> This is a target for the WAS stuff, so thats what should be used if 
> content is going into the wiki..

What's WAS?

The RPM maintainer is Remi:  http://rpms.famillecollet.com/

> Again, this should be something that goes into the plus repo's - and 
> have significant ( > 1 person ) behind the support for it at the 
> packaging / code level.

It's not in the plus repos as far as I can tell.

The RPM maintainer is the PostgreSQL project itself, funded by Fujitsu. 
  RPMs here (or at least this is my closest mirror: