[CentOS-docs] Request for Wiki edit permission - booting into kickstart from all-in-one USB flash drive

Thu Jun 25 15:32:32 UTC 2009
Phil Schaffner <Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov>

hansbkk at gmail.com wrote:
> Thanks for the offer Phil. Sorry I'm a noob to the process, specifically 
> how do you suggest we work together on this documentation? Are you 
> proposing we email back and forth, and if so, do you mean here within 
> the list or privately?
> If the CentOS wiki works like others, I'd think the most efficient way 
> would be to just give me edit access and then you can feel free to 
> edit/re-organize my contributions as you see fit. I'd be happy to start 
> off with the structure you've suggested, but I'm sure you/we'll want to 
> tweak it as we move forward and I've no problem with that.

A combination would probably be ideal - agree on an approach on-list 
then proceed with Wiki editing.

> Do you like the idea of suggesting the LiveCD image rather than the net 
> install? Lots of advantages and no disadvantages that I can think of. . .

Not quite sure where that's coming from.  This Wiki page is specifically 
target at people who need to install from USB without a network.  As far 
as disadvantages of the LiveCD - it's a lot to download if you only want 
to do a netinstall, so both options could be mentioned wherever it is 

> Re testing, I've just been keeping a log as I actually try things out.
> Re slipstreaming, search on NOVI + repository, there's a good set of 
> articles hosted on ORA. My notes on maintaining a local repository and 
> building custom/slipstreamed installation ISOs are pretty well 
> fleshed-out now if you could suggest a location for them I'd be happy to 
> post them.

That would be of interest, and as I said earlier, seems a good candidate 
for a separate Wiki article.


P.S. Would be nice if you used an email client that handled quoting 
properly in replies.