[CentOS-docs] paging GlennMatthys


redshift at pandora.be
Mon Mar 30 14:20:30 UTC 2009

R P Herrold wrote:
> I have checked the ML archive for the last six months, and do 
> not find a poster using 'Glenn' as their name.
> I wanted to contact that author, but no WikiPage for him 
> exists with contact information
> Glenn, please contact me so I might discuss a page's future 
> with you.
> As such to address the issue more generally I made a small 
> addition at:
>  	Make yourself 'contactable'
>  	http://wiki.centos.org/HowTos/Wiki/Editing
> | Please assist people examining the revision history of a 
> | wiki page in finding you, so that they may suggest revisions 
> | when a page is unclear or stale. Add a Personal Homepage with 
> | (at a minimum): your WikiName, a mailto link email address, 
> | and the needed category indexing link footer:
> | 
> | ----
> | CategoryHomepage
> -- Russ herrold


Glenn Matthys, answering your page...

Best regards,


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