[CentOS-docs] How to back up a running KVM guest

Tue Mar 24 05:46:43 UTC 2009
Julian Price <centos.org at jul17pri.co.uk>

Hi Ralph

Thanks for setting up the page.
I have written a first draft and I will improve it over the coming 
days.  But is it going in the right direction?  When I get to the next 
milestone I'll post the link to the Virtualization mailing list asking 
for feedback.

How do I make the title appear as a title but not appear in the contents?

 >> Can we keep discussion on list on not fall back to "private"
On other lists I'm a member of it's normal to send messages direct 
rather than to the list unless the content is of general interest.  This 
reduces the number of people who opt for digests to reduce the noise, so 
speeds up communication.  However, I can see this is not consistent with 
CentOS ethos of open-ness and collaboration.  So yes, I will reply to 
all CentOS lists in future, unless it's obviously not appropriate e.g. 
security related.

I also noticed how quickly you people reply in both forums and lists, 
which is great - I will try to keep up the pace.

I do not appear to have permission to edit my home page:
Does that come later after I have written some acceptable articles?


Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Ralph Angenendt wrote:
>>> Thanks,
>>> Julian Price
>> I'll do so after you tell me if JulianPrice is your wiki account =:D
> Okay, done. And: Can we keep discussion on list on not fall back to "private"
> mails? Thanks.
> Ralph
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