[CentOS-docs] KVM HowTo

Thu Mar 26 14:35:51 UTC 2009
Julian Price <centos.org at jul17pri.co.uk>

Scott Robbins wrote:
> As the original author of the KVM article, I'm quite happy with someone
> taking it over and updating it.  I fear that VirtualBox has become so
> covenient, I haven't used KVM in months and months, so can't really
> continue to properly maintain the article with changes that occur. 
> Thank you Julian. 
Thanks Scott.

I have updated the KVM HowTo...
...with the salient points from my forum post 'KVM with Windows 2008 
guest - ACPI conflict'

There was some interest in this article on the Tikanga (RHEL5) list 
hosted by Red Hat:
"...there is a KVM guide for CentOS 5:..."

So I will post on that list enquiring when an RPM for a newer version of 
KVM will be released by them, and citing the article as evidence of the 
need, as suggested by John Summerfield in response to "[CentOS-devel] 
Windows Server 2008 guest on KVM". One might wonder why it has not 
already happened, given the great work on KVM, healthy competition 
between KVM and Xen, the publicity around the relationship between Red 
Hat and KVM...
...and agreements between Red Hat and Microsoft....

But I will wait until my changes & comments have been reviewed and OK'd 
before posting there.