[CentOS-docs] Potential loss of a wiki contributor.

Fri May 8 19:11:49 UTC 2009
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 05/08/2009 05:39 PM, Dag Wieers wrote:
> In itself the process worked, although I don't know if asking the
> AdminGroup is a good suggestion. We could add something like:

its a horrible suggestion. Sending private emails is not  something that 
anyone should encourage for a process solution. The misleading portion 
seems to be the bit that says someone from AdminGroup will get back to 
you, that is what would perhaps cause people to consider the shortcut 
and directly email.

How about that line is dropped completely ? We dont need to mention who 
is going to be the person doing the business, anyone with admin or edit 
rights in the section requested could action it. How about we change the 
bit that says :

There will be a small delay while you wait for someone from the 
AdminGroup to create that page and give you editing rights. This can 
take up to three days if requested, say, after normal working hours 
(European) on a Friday.


A wiki admin will then take the required action. In most cases access 
will be granted right away, but in some cases the admins might request 
more information. Dont worry its only so we can get to know you a bit 
better during the process.

I dont think we need a mention of either three days or the european 
working hours. Most of the people who contribute work outside 'normal' 
hours after all. And its rare that its taken many many days before 
access was granted.

>    - If your mail arrived on the list and you did not get any response,
>      contact person1 or person2 to make sure we can fix this as soon as
>      possible

I'd rather we dont do that, it creates a direct dep on a specific person 
leading to the sort of issue here. I think people should be encouraged 
to resend a reminder to the mailing list itself. That way its visible to 
everyone and if there is a problem, there are resources that can be 
brought in to handle the problem.

> I would also like to add some links eg. where to create a login, a link to
> the archive, etc...

Sounds good. Actually looking at that page with my 'dunce' cap on, the 
page looks a bit cluttered, there might be too much info on that one 
page which could also cause an issue. What does everyone think ? Should 
that / Could that page be split up into smaller nuggets ? Could the info 
be better organised ?

btw, w.r.t subscriptions to the list, we can always just have a form 
that someone fills in that does some behind-the-scenes stuff, including 
subscribe the person to the list. or is that just asking for a spam 
honeypot ?

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