[CentOS-docs] New Wiki Page

Sat May 9 18:12:26 UTC 2009
David Dreggors <ddreggors at cfl.rr.com>

> I think you like to complain

Actually no, I would prefer to not have to complain. In fact I have been 
very nice to those that have taken the time to speak to me directly, as 
I am trying to now with you. Simply ask Dag, or AlanJBartlett and I am 
sure that they will tell you that I have been more than polite and 
thankful when I wrote them.

> A complaint and no URL as to the forum, so I and others cannot 
> look at your cause for lament

Sorry for that I meant to include it.

> Surprise that knowledgable IRC chanops of an enterprise 
> distribution are not sitting at the computer of a Friday 
> night.  No mention of your IRC nick, so one cannot tell.

Friday night is not the first time I have sat in that channel ask for 
help with no answer at all and you obviously can easily figure out my 
IRC nick as you did have a log of my posts in that channel.

> In checking the log, I see that two of the first rate chanop's 
> WERE active until 2300 US EDT.  You appeared at 0130 from a 
> Roadrunner account in central Florida (US EDT), ending with:
> 02:15  ddreggors> ok well since there was no answer for my 
> sound issue I just
>            went ahead and opened a Bug report.
> 02:15  ddreggors> I have googled, checked the wiki and forums, 
> and here as a
>            last resort

See how easy that was?

> and no mention of the bug number there so people in channel 
> could look in.

Had anyone responded to even that LAST post (there were quite a few over 
time before this that I see you don't post) I would gladly have given 
it. Since nobody did ever even respond to me on that question I figured 
that this was pointless as nobody cared and/or knew how to address this 

> I also think you want to play hide and seek, from what I see 
> so far.

OK, now that is just incorrect from the start. When have I "hidden"? The 
very fact that not only I but in fact you have proven that I have been 
VERY public with my questions makes your statement incorrect.

Also, I will again note that you did not post the previous hour or so of 
me asking for help on the sound card issue in that channel and not one 
single reply on that subject. Was I also "hiding" then? Who would have 
to "seek" me when I leaving a trail and contact info on IRC, forums, 
Wiki, etc?

If you want my email address ask for it, I am hiding from no-one, 
especially since I want/need these answers. Why would I hide?