[CentOS-docs] New Wiki Page

Sat May 9 18:50:39 UTC 2009
David Dreggors <ddreggors at cfl.rr.com>

> I would suggest that you try the kmod though, and report back--whether
> good or bad.  And Alan, I will try to get you these other (seemingly
> minor, as they didn't affect the card working) errors by tomorrow.

I will try if I have to do another re-install. Right now I am stable 
(minus sound issues) and pretty much happy with my setup.

>>> I have a page on the CentOS forums for this, no answers there in days,
>>> still 0 posts as of last night.
>> The chances of anyone having the same laptop in the CentOS community 
>> coming across your post are rather slim.

Normally I would agree, but these guys are being sold for $399 at 
Bestbuy and I know many people in my company are going to buy or have 
bought one already. We all use CentOS as that keeps us familiar with 
what our servers run :)

Also, when a someone is looking for the right laptop to use with CentOS, 
they look at places like the wiki's laptop howto for user experiences. I 
know I did.

If this laptop is there and known to work and the price is so low... why 
would one NOT run out and buy this exact model?

> One important thing when mentioning laptop hardware on any forum--(as a
> Fedora Forum Mod, I'm constantly telling people this and editing their
> thread titles) is that as laptop manufacturers are notorious for
> changing hardware without notice, it's always best to use a thread title
> like Wireless card <model> doesn't work, rather than something like
> <laptop model> wireless doesn't work.  Especially on CentOS fora, where
> there are many overworked sysadmins, busy people will tend to simply not
> even look at a post like that (with the model).

Yes, I find myself asking the same question many different ways to get 
answers on laptop hardware. In this case maybe I went the wrong way.