[CentOS-docs] New Wiki Page

Sat May 9 19:06:34 UTC 2009
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 05/09/2009 09:55 PM, David Dreggors wrote:
>> Since 2.6.18-128 (centos 5.3) ath5k is included in the kernel as a 
>> regular module. it has been backported.
> Yes, and this is the one I have to blacklist as it does not work and 
> interferes with new madwifi.
if it's not too much for ask (and you have not done that already...) 
please file a bug on RH's bugzilla (against the kernel component) and 
one in our bugzilla. Link the two bugs together via the tracking fields 
which each bugzilla provides (on RH's it is listed under External Bugs 
-> Location "Centos", on ours I think that the info can be provided only 
in the "Additional information" field).
thank you

> I have never tried the kmod-ath5k and in fact, yum does not even see it 
> when I do a "yum search ath5k"
this is IN the kernel and appears at  "yum whatprovides "*/ath5k"  ".

>  or "yum search kmod_ath5k". I assume that 
I have not been able to quickly locate this beast. No idea which repo 
might provide it. It does not seem to exist in elrepo, rpmfusion or 
rpmforge (unless I have not noticed it).