[CentOS-docs] New Wiki Page

Sun May 10 06:39:11 UTC 2009
David Dreggors <ddreggors at cfl.rr.com>

>> No, the kmod-ath5k works, but does have a problem when the interface is 
>> brought down. Both Dirk as well as I have this problem. It happens when 
>> you shut down the system, or hibernate.

or apparently, if you do a manual reload (service network restart) as well.

I went ahead and opted to try this kmod-ath5k. All the talk about it and 
all :)

The driver seems to work quite well so far until (as you already said) I 
bring down the interface. At that point my whole laptop just locked up 
solid and I had to forcefully shut it down and start it up again using 
the power button. The mouse still moved but I could not click anything 
and hitting and keys (ctrl+alt+f1, ctrl+alt+delete, etc...) did nothing.

I am definitely going back to madwifi snapshot for now but would like to 
   use this rpm when it is stable.

I can't wait for 5.4 release! I am hoping the new alsa sound driver in 
the next release will fix my sound issues as well.

I have been reading that this card is fully supported by alsa (HDA and 
all) in the latest releases.

I have never gotten any sound out of the digital side of this card only 
the analog device and that is poor.