[CentOS-docs] Initial list delay

Mon May 11 16:29:42 UTC 2009
David Dreggors <ddreggors at cfl.rr.com>

Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> David Dreggors wrote:
>> Why does it take so long (3/4 days) from account creation and 
>> confirmation email to the point you actually receive list mail?
> It doesn't.

It does "for me" and that was I guess what should have been my initial 
question. "Does anyone else see a delay?"

>> Especially if you sign up to get a request made, which means that the 
>> request goes to the list days before you can recieve email from the 
>> list. You then miss all replies!
> Don't sign up for the digest then.

I misunderstood, I thought you had to. Mail lists are foreign to me.

>> Is anybody aware of this delay?
> There is no delay.

Maybe not for the rest of the world :)
I just seem to find the hardest way to do things I guess.

>> Is that normal?
> If you subscribe to get your mails in a daily digest: Yes, it is.
>> If it is then is it posted anywhere that you should wait several days 
>> before sending questions to the list?
> As there is no such delay if you do *not* subscribe for the digest of
> the mailing lists ...
OK, that makes some sense. I just thought you had to subscribe for the 
digest to get the responses from the list.

I have never subscribed to mail lists before now so the concept is 
foreign to me.