[CentOS-docs] Contribute request

Tue May 12 11:28:27 UTC 2009
Vladislav Rastrusny <FractalizeR at yandex.ru>

> I hate Webmin period. I like the scripted install though.
Period? What period? Education period? :) I think that depends on the
admin. Some like GUI tools, some don't. If I can do something faster
with GUI, I'll do that with GUI. I think "command-liners" and "GUI
lovers" are two opposite sides in the "the-best-admin-way"
confrontation ;)

> Hmm, I like that script also. But I have a slight problem. It or (Both)
> should be in Python, Shell or Bash and not PHP. PHP in my opinion is
> more of a web scripting language but I'm aware it can used in system
> configuration also.
Some time ago Python wasn't the language for shell scripting. Like PHP
now. Perl was on the top those days. Now Perl is getting old. May be
PHP will replace it? :) Especially if no Perl6 would be released.

> I myself on server installs would use scripts like this in %post in
> Kickstart. Keep in mind file servers usually do not have PHP installed.
> Python is always there because a majority of Administration Tools depend
> on it.
I think it is always on CentOS because of yum. I hope some good PHP
admin helper script will be also installed in some repository by
default one day :)