[CentOS-docs] Comments? HowTos/CentOS5ConvertToRAID

Wed May 13 12:20:07 UTC 2009
Phil Schaffner <Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov>

Ed Heron wrote:

>   I think so.  I use rsync to synchronize samba shares and web sites between 
> servers so I've gotten used to using it for other things.  It also looks 
> more like a copy, which might be easier to understand for those less 
> familiar.  I was considering adding the tar option.  How does tar handle 
> hard links?

It "just works".  I habitually use rsync for incremental updates across 
directories or systems, but tar is often more robust for this type of 
job, just because of things like needing to remember to use -H. Both 
rsync and cpio will work if used properly, just like tar.  Like I said, 
largely a matter of preference.

>   Thanks.  Writing documentation is always a balancing act between not 
> putting enough detail in because it seems intuitive to the person who does 
> it every day and putting too much in with the effect of it being too 
> pedantic.


>   Do you have a source for round tuits?  I can only find finite sided 
> ones...

They are quite rare and valuable. :-P