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Marcus Moeller

mail at marcus-moeller.de
Thu Oct 1 11:27:25 UTC 2009

Dear Will.

> I have created the account on the wiki as WillFitch.

Welcome on board.

First, you could try to improve the CSS Layout according to the
complaints that have been made.

You will find the latest version at the bottom of this page:


Here is a list of improvements that should be applied:

- Top Header height should be easier to customize. Currently you have
to move all nav elements if you e.g. want to increase the header size.

- There should only be a 'Login' button instead of 'Login/Create
Account/Lost Your Password' which should be switched to 'Logout' after
successful login.

- The colour scheming of the hard 'primary red' is jarring and should
be improved.

- The search box should be placed on the right of the breadcrumb row
as on the current wiki layout.

- The page footer should contain a 'Move Up' symbol, allowing users to
simply move up to the top of the page.

Best Regards

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