[CentOS-docs] New User Wishes to Contribute

Ed Heron

Ed at Heron-ent.com
Fri Oct 2 22:13:41 UTC 2009

From: "Ralph Angenendt", Friday, October 02, 2009 6:11 AM

>We already have > 70 people who would be able to do so (no idea how
>many of these accounts are still in use). Do I see those going over
>pages? Rarely, it's nearly always the same persons.

  I'm OK with helping to update/maintain the wiki.  I've made a couple of 
minor changes and  I started on a revision of the PXE stuff.  Since much of 
the PXE articles are not core, but a generic discussion of how to configure 
it and related software, I'm interested in the result of this discussion.

  In general, I'm asking myself, "How deep do I jump in and how fast?"  I 
don't want to step on toes or take articles in non-intended directions.  I 
certainly don't want to create work for others if my changes aren't desired 
by forcing admins to roll back my changes.  Or, would you rather I made the 
changes I think need to be made, attempt to describe them in the space 
provided and allow others to censure me if I wander or mangle?

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