[CentOS-docs] Status Update: WebsiteVer2

Ramón T. B. framontb at yahoo.es
Wed Sep 23 00:00:49 UTC 2009

Have you considered to use a CMS like Joomla?

Regards: FRamonTB

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Asunto: Re: [CentOS-docs] Status Update: WebsiteVer2

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 2:55 PM, Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de> wrote:

> as most of you may have noticed, Alain and I am working towards the
> new web environment setup.

Do you want to talk about how the new web site should look (then this
is the correct list) or do you want to talk about the technicialities
behind that (then centos-devel should be the audience to address)?

Doing both in one thread looks close to impossible for me.


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