[CentOS-docs] proposed "HowTos/Laptops/HP/DV6-1115es"

Ramón T. B.

framontb at yahoo.es
Wed Sep 2 11:47:39 UTC 2009

Yes, you are right. I'm sorry... but I don't know how to cancel my "framontb" account and I can't  create a new one because an "ERROR: Email address already registered."

I suposse there will be a "cancelation account button" somewhere, but I can't find it. Please, could you tell me what to do?


--- El mar, 1/9/09, Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com> escribió:

De: Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>
Asunto: Re: [CentOS-docs] proposed "HowTos/Laptops/HP/DV6-1115es"
Para: centos-docs at centos.org
Fecha: martes, 1 septiembre, 2009 10:33

Am 01.09.09 22:16, schrieb Ramón T. B.:
> Hello,
>  my login name to the Centos site is "framontb". 

Hrrm. "FirstnameLastname" would be nicer to be consistent with the rest
of the wiki accounts.


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