[CentOS-docs] doc?: TipsAndTricks/ApacheVHostDir

Ed Heron

Ed at Heron-ent.com
Fri Sep 4 16:09:35 UTC 2009

From: "Manuel Wolfshant", Thursday, September 03, 2009 5:39 PM

> I would provide a few more details under the "Virtual Host files can be
> placed in the configuration directory directly or by link." category
> (i.e. about the separate folder with configs and symlinks to
> conf.d/vhost.d).

  Do you (or anybody else, since Manuel might be on vacation, already) know 
of a url that might describe linking files?  I was nervous that if I put it 
'in line' I'd be opening a larger can of worms and expanding the document 
beyond what a TipsAndTricks page should be.  An applicable example might 
make too strong a suggestion about where to put virtual host web data...  Or 
should I stir things up and write a page about where to put virtual hosts? 
(hint:  I don't like /var/www, I like creating a group and user for the 
website and putting it into that user's home directory.  It simplifies 
access control, including updates.  It also makes it less wierd when sharing 
the webspace out using NFS or Samba)

> But yes, now it looks much better. Even though your
> over engineered method is way too complex, given that simply dropping
> the configuration files in the default conf dir achieves the very same
> result with much less effort and, more important, no risk of breakage
> during updates.

  I can't bring myself to put virtual host files in conf.d.  Let's just say 
I'm borderline OCD...  I don't like my module config files and my virtual 
host files touching.  <ot type='personal'>Oddly enough, though, I have no 
problem with my vegetables touching my protein and/or my starch.</ot>

  The extra information might be useful in a conceptual way to someone.

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