[CentOS-docs] proposed nvidia wiki page

Phil Schaffner

Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov
Wed Sep 16 11:50:32 UTC 2009

Ned Slider wrote on 09/16/2009 06:12 AM:
> That tends to change as the drivers move forward over time, older cards 
> become legacy and are no longer supported by the latest driver.
> For a list of cards supported by the latest driver, the user is better 
> off referring to nvidia's documentation. Looking at the docs for the 
> current driver leads me to believe that GeForce 6000 series cards are 
> the oldest supported by this driver (GeForce 5x00 series is supported by 
> the 173.14.xx driver and older still GeForce2/3/4 by driver 96.43.xx).
> We (ELRepo) haven't packaged older nvidia drivers (yet) but we can 
> certainly look into that if there is a demand.

I'd say "build it and they will come" to your repo of dreams. :-)

Have definitely seen cases of people with problems getting older nVidia 
cards to work, and a growth area for Linux in general is people with 
hardware left behind by Redmond performance demands.

As far as the Wiki page, more detail in the guide to choosing a driver 
version and finding a package for the correct driver for your hardware 
would be worth bonus points - seems to be another area of frequent problems.


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