[CentOS-docs] Spacewalk documentation

Marcus Moeller

mail at marcus-moeller.de
Thu Sep 17 13:22:18 UTC 2009

Dear Patrice.

>> We have similar issues with the Spacewalk
>> documentation (another thread :?). It would be great to have something
>> like an installation guide covering the CentOS specific aspects and
>> links to the upstream docs.
>> For Spacewalk e.g., I have started to improve the 'official' upstream
>> docs a bit (which are already quite good), instead of re-generating
>> content.
> Can you explain what you would like to merge from the CentOS-wiki
> Spacewalk documentation to the official one?

As mentioned I have just started to update the upstrem docs with some
CentOS specific tasks. I think the installation procedure (including
database setup) is described well there.

Of course, I will discuss any changes on the CentOS wiki site with you.

Atm. I am working on another task (documenting re-build procedure)
where you are also invented to take part, as I guess you got the best
knowledge in (re)mastering the live-cd.

Best Regards

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