[CentOS-docs] Building yet another an off round wheel; was: Contribution to wiki: nagios incompatibility with centos 5.2

Max Hetrick

maxhetrick at verizon.net
Thu Sep 17 14:48:36 UTC 2009

R P Herrold wrote:

> If people want to write content, they NEED TO GO TO FEDORA, or 
> the upstream, and get patches accepted, so the changes flow 
> back down in our future.  Go work at the trailhead, not in an 
> upstream project's past (here Nagios).

Your attitude on the wiki is exactly why people like myself will 
eventually stop coming back to post things. Why have a wiki at all. I'm 
to the point where I'm going to remove all my posts, and host them 
solely on my website and stop posting anything to the CentOS wiki, 
because these arguments and issues seem to crop up more and more from 
people. Or at least remove my name from all my pages and let them 
dissolve there.

Some, and not all, make it difficult for folks that are trying to 
contribute to CentOS. I remember Dag posting something similar on his 
blog in reference to attitude of CentOS towards people trying to help. 
This is the attitude driving people away that are trying to do whatever 
they can to give back. It's a shame.

The Nagios guide has been on the wiki for several years now, and I've 
had never anything but good things said about it, and thank you's from 
folks for people starting out with Nagios. Now all of a sudden there's 
a problem, and it shouldn't exist.


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