[CentOS-docs] Contribution to wiki: nagios incompatibility with centos 5.2

Marcus Moeller

mail at marcus-moeller.de
Thu Sep 17 17:16:17 UTC 2009

Dear Karan.

>> For Spacewalk e.g., I have started to improve the 'official' upstream
>> docs a bit (which are already quite good), instead of re-generating
>> content.
> Btw, there is also an effort underway to have a centos specific
> spacewalk repo hosted on centos.org to make life even easier. At that
> point, where would you document the install and getting started ? Would
> you not atleast consider a stub on the CentOS wiki that gives people the
> relevant kick-off they need ?

In this case I would simply suggest not to setup a CentOS specific
spacewalk repo (for what?).

Besides that I think that docs that are not available somewhere else
in any form could as well be published on the CentOS wiki. This would
even make more sense if they are centos-specific.

So I am a bit disappointed (but can understand) ppl. like Max who
already contributed high quality docs in the past are re-signing from
contributing to the wiki (just because one or two other guys have a
different pov). I have also suggested that docs like the CentOS
specific owlriver rpm howtos  (http://www.owlriver.com/tips/non-root/)
could as well resist on the CentOS wiki. But it's not my decision.

Best Regards

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