[CentOS-docs] Contribution to wiki: nagios incompatibility with centos 5.2

Max Hetrick

maxhetrick at verizon.net
Thu Sep 17 19:43:58 UTC 2009

R P Herrold wrote:

> if you are referring to me, your projection into what I wrote 
> has mislead you.

Well, I was kind of referring to what you said here:

 >> If people want to write content, they NEED TO GO TO FEDORA, or
 >> the upstream, and get patches accepted, so the changes flow
 >> back down in our future.  Go work at the trailhead, not in an
 >> upstream project's past (here Nagios).

Unless I misinterpreted, you're basically saying that to a writer they 
need to go work at the project they are documenting, not CentOS. But I 
disagree and feel you are wrong. The power of the CentOS wiki should be 
that it's the one-stop shop for admins searching for a powerful rock 
solid OS that has CentOS-specific documentation, PLUS one that has all 
these extra types of applications listed with documentation as well. A 
server admin or user gets the best of both worlds, and as already 
stated, has one place to look for resources, instead of following links 
to various pieces all over the Internet. To me, the point of a wiki is 
to share. I understand your view is different, our views are different.

Please, by all means, explain if that is not what you meant. That's what 
I took it as.

For the rest of it, I pretty much already explained myself, and Scott 
hits the nail on the head. You, being a team member, need to sit down 
with the other team members and figure out what you want on the wiki, 
create guidelines, and post them for others to follow. Your vision of 
what the wiki should be is different than mine, fine, you're obviously 
higher on the totem pole than I, so I'll just leave and take my docs 
with me. It's that attitude that I don't understand, and why others 
don't want to deal with it. The CentOS team and wiki needs to find some 

Then, contributors can have something to look at to decide if their 
content fits. This would fix the issue of causing these wars and 
angering others. You would have the standards in place, and guidelines 
outlining what can and will get posted.

To be honest, I'm plenty busy in life, I don't need to worry about 
whether one of my articles or guides is going to tick off a CentOS team 
member, or please another. This is exactly why folks are leaving the 
project though, and it's a problem that should be resolved before you 
have no one left wanting to work on the wiki.

With that said, I really have no further comments on the this topic. 
I'll quit before I wear out my welcome. I've said my peace, explained 
why I won't be helping further, and truly hope you guys/gals figure out 
something before the no one wants to work on the wiki.


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