[CentOS-docs] Contribution to wiki: nagios incompatibility with centos 5.2

Nick Sklav

sklav at teksavvy.com
Sat Sep 19 04:04:47 UTC 2009

Hi List

my question to everyone is. What is exactly wrong with having helpful
documentation on the centos wiki? Does it really matter if the original
maintainer documents his app. I for one love the fact i can search threw
the wiki and get app#1 working and I also know the procedure has gone
threw peer review and i am fairly comfortable it is secure practice.

I for one contributed the Multi-Media portion and as many have called it
pointless at one time or another All i know is my personal blog gets a
few thousand hits per month and I can only imagine the centos wiki gets
100 times more hits. According to multiple post this document should not
live on the wiki cause lets be honest 90% of the installed apps to get a
full multimedia experience reside outside of what centos ships.

I think any documentation is good. I agree maybe docs on how to use grep
might be pointless in 90% of the user base but anything that simplifies
or paints the nice picture adds to the community.

I for one after seeing all the mess with the domain names and the funds
and now the wiki feel like centos is imploding on itself.

I believe the point of the wiki is un-official documentation and
considering all of it is coming from users contributing it, who am i to
say good or bad or pointless. I for one have found multiple items in the
wiki helpful and believe that limiting content will turn more and more
people away.

my 2 cents which is not worth much if you factor in the exchange rate.

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