[CentOS-docs] Status Update: WebsiteVer2

Marcus Moeller

mail at marcus-moeller.de
Wed Sep 30 06:30:26 UTC 2009

Dear Russ.

>>> Please note that the style used within the customization we provide is
>>> not yet final. To give an example of how the upcoming websites might
>>> look like, I have uploaded some screenshots to the Draft page:
>>> http://wiki.centos.org/WebsiteVer2/WebEnvironment/Draft

> yuck -- too much space on login matters -- and that repeated
> twice --- I would use much less (just login) and put the new

Please keep in mind that this is just a mockup showing which CSS
elements already have been defined.

> acct and lost password stuff down a level as they in no way
> need to be repeated over and over again, taking up space.

I agree on that. Login could switch to Logout $user after successful login.

> The color scheming of the hard 'primary red' is jarring, and
> the top of page 'above the fold' cluttered wwith five rows of
> lines of nav related tabs before the 'breadcrumb' row
> The 'searchbox' up top of every page is overkill, and at best
> I would have a 'search' subpage, or put it at the bottom

I find a search box at the top very useful. Maybe it could be placed
on the right of the breadcrumb row as on the current wiki layout.

> The choice and ordering on the top level tabs would not match
> my preferences, and I think do not match the projects' needs

Improved examples, please.

> The presence of the wiki edits row up top on what are in the
> most immutable pages is again a mis-application of 'top of the
> page' space

Same as on the current layout

Please use the HTML and CSS definitions from:


for further testing and refer the the version you have chosen (e.g.

Best Regards

Best Regards

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