[CentOS-docs] www.centos.org and the wildcard dns

Fri Apr 16 15:06:20 UTC 2010
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> hi guys,
> At the moment there is a www.centos.org site. There is also a wildcard 
> dns setup that directs anything.centos.org to www.centos.org's content
> This has a couple of 'issues' with SEO and google sepcifically. The 
> reason we have such low page rank is that google marks all of this as 
> duplicate content. I am sure there are other search engines that do as 
> well ( Bing has a policy of marking down duplicates as well ).
> So, what I'd like to propose is to either drop the wildcard dns 
> completely, or setup a new vhost for the wildcard that isnt 
> www.centos.org. What we could then do is either present people with a 
> list of options on destinations they might be interested in. eg:
> - www.centos.org
> - wiki.centos.org
> - bugs.centos.org
> - mirror.centos.org
> - isolist.centos.org
> thoughts ?
I'd make a dedicatet vhost with the following index.html (read between 
the lines, please...):

Welcome, beloved user ! You've reached nothing.centos.org which 
unfortunately does not point to valid content. What we can help you with is:
- www.centos.org
- wiki.centos.org
- bugs.centos.org
- mirror.centos.org
- isolist.centos.org
- dev.centos.org

Thank you for your interest in CentOS !