[CentOS-docs] USB Key Setup

Fri Apr 30 18:02:43 UTC 2010
Marcus Moeller <mail at marcus-moeller.de>

Dear Scott.

> Assuming one puts an ISO on it, as opposed to selecting the top part of
> the menu and downloading, (which I haven't tried), it should boot.
> However, after a certain point, I think after creating partitions, it
> dies, saying it can't find the installation media--that is probably with
> Fedora, with CentOS, I think it didn't even get that far, saying it
> couldn't find the installer image, even when pointed to the correct
> directoy.  Like so much else these days, seems aimed mostly at Ubuntu
> systems.
> However, one can click the back button, choose a network (e.g. NFS or
> even http installation), and then put in said NFS server or URL. (Or use
> hard disk, if the iso is on another partition on the hard disk.)
> So, in my experience at least, not sure how good a choice Unetbootin is,
> save for network installations.

It's a known bug:


hopefully it will be fixed for RHEL6

Best Regards