[CentOS-docs] Can not to update a page ?

Thu Aug 12 14:28:09 UTC 2010
gaohu <tigerheight at gmail.com>

Dear Ralph,

Today I tried to translate some updated pages to chinese, but I just can work on zh pages.

As zh and zh-tw pages come together, would mind to give me rights of
edit zh-tw pages, just as Timothy mentioned in his letter befor:

Yes, I've talked to Gaohu, and did agree that it would be great if he can look after the Simplified Chinese translation of the wiki.  So whenever you're available, Ralph, can you please give him permission to edit the zh and zh-tw sub-section of the wiki.




发件人: Ralph Angenendt 
发送时间: 2010-08-09  01:56:10 
收件人: centos-docs 
主题: Re: [CentOS-docs] Can not to update a page ? 
Am 07.08.10 18:02, schrieb gaohu:
> as the english version has been updated to rev19, but I find that
> I have no right to edit.Admins has already put me in the edit group,
> with the Wiki user name GaoHu, there must something wrong, could any
> one help ?
Looks like I edited the wrong page for ACLs, it should work now.
Please: If you do not get an answer right away, don't just repost here.
Not everybody has time to look over these lists every day.
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