[CentOS-docs] Article on building i586 CentOS-5 kernel

Mon Jan 11 06:57:48 UTC 2010
Timothy Lee <timothy.ty.lee at gmail.com>

  On 01/11/2010 02:29 PM, Christopher Chan wrote:
> Wow. There are Pentium machines still running out there?
> You do know that Pentium optimizations are only for Pentiums and that
> such binaries could actually run slower on anything Pentium-II/Pentium
> Pro and above than i386 (actually i486 optimized binaries iirc - must
> check gcc) optimized binaries due to the architecture differences of the
> Pentium?
Got some VIA C3 processors that absolutely refuse to run i686 kernels.  
They were running on Fedora 7, but that's getting too abandoned for any