[CentOS-docs] Install On Partitionable RAID1

Fri Jan 22 06:24:11 UTC 2010
Lev Shamardin <shamardin at gmail.com>

Some later thoughts go below.

On 01/21/2010 01:50 AM, Phil Schaffner wrote:
> 1. The user should be instructed to start rescue mode with networking in 
> order to be able to retrieve the patch for mkinitrd.
The mkinitrd instructions should be moved to the beginning of the guide.
Networking sometimes requires very complicated configurations which could be
quite hard to load from the rescue mode (imagine using ndiswrapper for example).

May be we could provide a patched package which will replace mkinitrd, perhaps
in centos-plus repo?

> 3. Some additional discussion on how to handle multiple partitions 
> should be added.  There is an implicit assumption that only "/" is used.

Ideally we should also provide a guide for the LVM case. I had an email
discussion with William Schwartz, who was making partitionable RAID1 with LVM
setup and managed to do that. The changes are:

1. Additional steps were required to start LVM manually after starting raid with

vgchange -ay VolGroup00 # I think name could be omitted - Lev.

2. grub boot options are certainly unchanged in LVM case.

3. pvscan and Co. will detect false volumes or complain, so something like this
needs to be added to /etc/lvm/lvm.conf:

filter = ["a/md*", "r/.*/"]

William wrote that he did not do this last step and things work fine for him.