[CentOS-docs] Wiki Page Proposal

Thu Jun 24 03:40:49 UTC 2010
Brandon Wood <woody at 2143.net>

Username: BrandonWood

Subject: HOW-TO Install the HP Proliant Support Pack (PSP) on CentOS 5

Location: In the HowTos section, under either a new section titled 'Server',
the 'Non CentOS Applications' or the 'Misc' section

Today as I was installing and configuring the HP PSP packages on CentOS I
kept notes and tried format them as a general guide. I'll be the first to
admit that the guide is rough but I think the information is useful enough
to warrant posting sooner rather then later.

I have already posted information up on the HP Forums in the hopes it would
help others who go there for help but I think the material would be better
served off a wiki.

Link to post:

I can understand if it doesn't currently meet the standards set forth by the
group. I do plan on cleaning it up and expanding on the information as best
I can.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
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