[CentOS-docs] General FAQ addition

Phil Schaffner

Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov
Thu Mar 4 20:30:40 UTC 2010

Ned Slider wrote on 03/04/2010 11:21 AM:
> Which is exactly the point of bringing it to this list for discussion, 
> so what started life as a (suggestion for a) tool to assist forum 
> community members/helpers may also be considered by helpers in other 
> community support channels (i.e, IRC and mailing lists).

I brought it to this list, both to solicit constructive criticism, and 
because I took the liberty of adding a Wiki FAQ entry as well as a Forum 
post.  I am also taking advantage of the public nature of the Wiki as a 
place to put the scripts for easy access.

As far as the license for the material, if the implicit Creative Commons 
license is not sufficient, putting the scripts under GPL (do we want to 
get into GPL-1 vs GPL-2? :-) ) is certainly OK by me.


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