[CentOS-docs] Two things...

Cris Rhea

crhea at rentaclue.com
Tue Mar 23 18:36:04 UTC 2010

1. Would one of the Wiki admins help unwind my Wiki credentials?
   I originally registered as "crisrhea" (lower case), but was told
   I should have used "CrisRhea" (camel case).

   I logged in and changed my preferences to use CrisRhea, but I can't
   access/edit my pages (/CrisRhea,  /HowTos/Xen/NvidiaWithXen).
   Can one of the admins please fix my rights on these two pages?
2. Now that I've written /HowTos/Xen/NvidiaWithXen, how does one
   get it added to the table of contents/indexes? From wiki.centos.org,
   I can't navigate to this page via links...


--- Cris

Cris Rhea

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