[CentOS-docs] General FAQ addition

Thu Mar 4 16:19:37 UTC 2010
Alan Bartlett <ajb at elrepo.org>

On 4 March 2010 15:51, Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:

> I dont want to get in the way or be irritating,

I can publicly assure you that you are not. ;-)

> but if there is an
> attempt to do something, I dont see any harm in making that into a more
> useful tool that might benefit a few more people.

I concur. Let us (the CentOS forum community) see how it pans out,
whilst you keep an eye on it.

As I have recently said (and no, I haven't bothered to look up the
reference -- it's in the mail archives, somewhere), IMO you (KB) try
to take far too much on (for all the right reasons) to the detriment
of other things that are currently in progress.

(And, here's my £0.02 worth, I don't think an sos plugin would be
appropriate for this. It is designed to assist regular forum helpers
deal with the greenest of green newbies who have either been
(possibly) given a proverbial "flea in the ear" for attempting to use
the IRC channels or mailing lists in the wrong fashion or would not
consider using those methods for support.. As I have gone on record
somewhere, yes, the language of the CentOS project is English but that
is not the primary language of most users. Hence, on the fora, we will
give a new user as much leeway as is humanly possible -- even to the
extent of using computer translation tools, if it will help