[CentOS-docs] Newsletter release nearly ready

Geerd-Dietger Hoffmann

didi at ribalba.de
Sat May 1 21:29:48 UTC 2010


On 01/05/2010 21:47, Eduardo Grosclaude wrote:
> 1. Being a serious nitpicker, I'd suggest to refrain from using
> coordinates-dependent expressions such as 'released last autumn'.
> Didi, remember you've gone international now! :D

True. I will be careful :)

> 2. Desperately need some help as to why I can't make Frank's mugshot
> appear in my Spanish rendition.

||<tablestyle="float: right;">[[ImageLink(Newsletter/1003/FrankCox.png, 
FrankCox,alt=Frank Cox,width=48)]]||

> 3. That's pretty much it for the Spanish version -- I'll keep an eye
> on any last minute changes.
> Thank you, people

No, thank you for your help. This is really cool. Thank you soo much. 

So I will release after Alan has read through it one last time. So 
everyone should have the new release on Monday when they come to work.

Cheers for all your help (everyone) Didi
Hoffmann Geerd-Dietger

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