[CentOS-docs] Suggestion for "how to" section: easy way to install the JDK?

Sun Oct 10 02:26:27 UTC 2010
R P Herrold <herrold at owlriver.com>

On Sun, 10 Oct 2010, Manuel Wolfshant wrote:

> As Russ has said, they are not.

More context (said in our back archive, but recapped recently 
[and it should have crossed http://planet.centos.org/ when I 
issued this update] at
which point to the primary source of the analysis of problems 
a license and rights review turned up)

> Indeed. Unfortunately we are not there. Not yet.

Really, I do not see a future in which Oracle CAN sufficiently 
'free' Java at least through v 1.6 series; and the related 
test kit [assuming for the sake of argument that it was 
INCLINED to do so].  The upshot of recent LSB calls is that 
the 'trial use' of Java will be withdrawn in the upcoming 4.1 
refresh, until and unless this future brightens [probably at 
least 2-3 years]

-- Russ herrold