[CentOS-docs] Italian Translation Team

Thu Jan 20 23:10:01 UTC 2011
Andrea Veri <av at gnome.org>

Il giorno 20/gen/2011, alle ore 23.52, Ralph Angenendt ha scritto:

> It would be wiki.centos.org/it/ :)
> Do you have any specific tasks in mind already? Would you want to do
> that only yourself (you having other tasks in the open source community
> already) or with other people?

My original idea was:

1. setting up an italian istance of the centos website, e.g translating existing
centos website content moving it to a subdomain of the centos.org domain.
2. translating time by time the wiki into italian. (as you suggested wiki.centos.org/it)

I am actually starting this team alone, but I will be more than happy to have
someone helping me sooner or later. (mostly when someone will notice there
is an italian istance of centos needing help)

If you have any suggestion, I'll be happy to modify my original idea.

Thanks in advance,