[CentOS-docs] Italian Translation Team

Fri Jan 28 10:55:57 UTC 2011
Andrea Veri <av at gnome.org>

Il giorno 28/gen/2011, alle ore 10.51, Ralph Angenendt ha scritto:
> I can give you write access for the it/ part of the wiki. There is an
> automatism at work (which needs to be extended for it) which redirects
> the reader to the english page if there is no translation. This means
> one thing: Even if you translate a page, the title has to be exactly
> the same as in the english version, so wiki.centos.org/HowTos/ becomes
> wiki.centos.org/it/HowTos
> One more thing: We have a half baked spanish translation (much work
> has been done there, but there aren't any real updates to the pages as
> original content changes) and a rather well maintained chinese
> translation, where changes to the pages are picked up rather soonish.
> So if you want to go ahead and translate things, keep in mind, that
> things on the original pages might change all the time - and need to
> be changed on translated pages, too.
> So if you are like Timothy, who is doing most to all of the chinese
> translation, that is fine. If you only want to translate a subset
> (let's say the howtos) and keep them maintained, that is fine too. But
> having a translation which begins to diverge from the original pages
> is problematic. So if you have a few persons who are working on that,
> it might be easier.
> I don't want to curb your enthusiasm, these are just a few things
> which should be thought about. And yes, it was easier to do so, when
> the wiki was smaller :)
> Cheers and sorry for the late answer, I know I wanted to get back to you sooner.

well, I don't know if I can handle doing both this and an eventual work on the website.
The main priority seems to be the website at the moment since that is what a new user
see when he wants to know what CentOS is.

What do you think? as said I give my total availability in having a website built from its
bases to the latest details, but I guess now it's up to you to decide.