[CentOS-docs] [Propose] Chroot vsftpd with non-system users

Thu Jul 14 12:13:20 UTC 2011
Sunry Chen <sunrychen at gmail.com>

The proposed subject of Wiki contribution:
Chroot vsftpd with non-system users

The proposed location of Wiki contribution:

I propose this Wiki to give user choice that they can select whether
virtual users
and system account coexist in vsftpd system.

The shell file vsftpd_virtual_config.sh should also adjust to make
this function work.

It works for me to put below two lines ahead of the original
/etc/pam.d/vsftpd file:
auth    sufficient  pam_userdb.so db=/etc/vsftpd/accounts
account sufficient  pam_userdb.so db=/etc/vsftpd/accounts