[CentOS-docs] Very first contact with docs may confuse

Wed Jun 29 11:50:31 UTC 2011
BlessJah <blessjah at jacekowski.org>


This is my very first time using CentOS and I find documentation a little bit confusing.

For example, I don't know which iso image suits my needs, isn't adding big, shining red link "READ THIS IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHICH ISO SHOULD YOU CHOOSE" a good idea? 'README' file on mirrors with instructions would also be nice. If there already is one, I wasn't able to find it, shouldn't it be bigger?

I would also expect something like "begginer guide" or "start here" on the main page of wiki (and on main page of centos). I think ArchLinux wiki, and it's "Begginer Guide" and "Official Installation Guide" are good examples, how it can be done. Both leads user through process of getting, installing and configuring system.